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Who are we?

EMbeDS comprises faculty, researchers and students from the Istitute of Economics and the Institute of Management at the Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies.

We actively participate to CoMoS, the Complexity Modelers' group recently started within the Institute of Economics, and collaborate with the Institute of Law, Politics and Development. We also have ties with several other research groups outside Sant'Anna -- e.g. the Quantitative Finance Group (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) and the KDD Laboratory (CNR and University of Pisa).

Our Managing Board is composed by six members: Alessia Macchia (Managing Director of Sant'Anna), Francesca Chiaromonte (Scientific Coordinator of EMbeDS), Fabio Iraldo (in charge of relationships with stakeholders), Alessandro Nuvolari (Director of the Institute of Economics), Sabina Nuti (Rector of Sant'Anna) and Andrea Piccaluga (Director of the Institute of Management).

Andrea Mina (Institute of Economics) and Nicolla Belle' (Institute of Management) work with Francesca Chiaromonte and participate to activities of the Managing Board in the role of associate scientific coordinators.

Cristiana Bettelli is our Administrative Officer.

Daniele Licari is our Data Engineer.

We are in the process of forming our external Advisory Board.