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Economic damages caused by extreme natural disasters have increased significantly over the last 50 years.


Floods, storms, hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, wildfires and landslides are among the natural disasters associated with climate change whose frequency and intensity has increased in the last decades. In the last 50 years the economic impact of extreme events has grown by many folds, driven by substantial increases in the damage caused by each of these disasters. The increase is substantial even when controlling for changes in income and population.



As part of the recuitment associated with EMbeDS, the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies has opened a call for one permanent position of Associate ProfessorThis position will be based in the

EMbeDS has secured access to RepRisk database.


RepRisk combines artificial intelligence with human analysis to translate big data into curated and actionable research and metrics, using a proprietary, rules-based methodology.

EMbeDS has secured access to ESU-services Ltd. 


EMbeDS has secured access to ESU-services Ltd. ESU-services offers several Life Cycle Inventory databases, which can be added to commonly used Life Cycle Assessment software such as SimaPro, developed by PrèConsultant. ESU-services Ltd. is specialized in elaborating high quality life cycle inventories with a fully transparent documentation. 

Behavioral insights into public management and policy


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has pointed to behavioral and cognitive sciences as viable tools for sustainable public administration. As part of an international collaborative effort, Sant'Anna researchers belonging to EMbeDS and the MeSLab investigate the use of behavioral insights to inform public policies and improve government operations. Their results have been published in Public Administration Review and featured by the IBM Center for The Business of Government (2019).