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Andrea Vandin, a computational scientist with research interests related to EMbeDS, will visit the Sant’Anna School in March 2019 and interact with faculty, researchers and students of the Institute of Economics.

Andrea is Assistant Professor in the section Formal Methods for Safe and Secure Systems of the DTU Compute Department of the Technical University of Denmark. On Tue March 12, at 2.00 pm in Aula 6 (Sede Centrale), he will give a lecture titled "Speeding up simulation of large-scale dynamical networks by aggregation" as part of the seminars series of the Institute of Economics.

His research interest focuses on dynamical models of systems across many branches of science and engineering, which can be described in terms of massively many entities interacting over large-scale networks. Examples are models of opinion formation, rumour spreading, traffic networks, collaboration networks, social networks, protein-interaction networks, epidemiology. These models can often be mathematically represented as stochastic processes or differential equations. Unfortunately, in all but special cases, these models do not enjoy analytical solutions, imposing analysis based on stochastic simulators and numerical solvers. As a consequence, the computational cost increases with the model size, hindering our capability of dealing with complex large-scale models of real-world systems. Using real-world examples, Andrea's talk will present an array of recent techniques that tame the complexity of these large-scale models by aggregating their constituting systems of equations, leading to lower-dimensional systems that preserve the original dynamics in some appropriate, formal sense.

Students, researchers, and all members of the EMbeDS community are welcome to join us for this event.