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#SAVETHEDATE 06.05.2021 meeting with PagoPA "Towards a digital citizenship: challenges, hurdles and opportunities"

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On Thursday May 6th 2021 (15.30-17.30 CET), Giuseppe Virgone (PagoPA's CEO) and Michelangelo Quaglia (PagoPA's CDO) will join faculty and researchers of the Sant'Anna School to talk about challenges, hurdles and opportunities on the road towards the digital transformation. 

PagoPA S.p.A. is a state-owned company in charge of disseminating digital services in Italy. The company's mission is the widespread dissemination of the digital payments and service system in the country, through the pagoPA payment platform and the development of innovative public service solutions such as IO App and the National Digital Data Platform (PDND).

Giuseppe Virgone is the Chief Executive Officer of PagoPA. He has thirty years of experience in ICT in the banking sector. He founded two startups in the world of payments that have had important market recognition and successful exits. In 2016, Giuseppe joined the Digital Transformation Team (Presidency of the Council of Ministers) where, until 15 September 2019, he held the roles of Head of Digital Payments and Strategic Manager of the IO project, for the development of the App and relations with its stakeholders.

Michelangelo Quaglia is the Chief Data Officer of PagoPA, where he oversees analysis and interpretation of data on the digital infrastructure managed by the company. Previously, Michelangelo worked in leading consulting firms, as an Economic Advisor at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and at the research center of Confindustria. Michelangelo holds an MPA in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University and a Master's Degree in Economic and Social Disciplines from Bocconi University.

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Sabina Nuti - Rettrice Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA)


Giuseppe Virgone - CEO, PagoPA

Michelangelo Quaglia - Chief Data Officer, PagoPA


Francesca Chiaromonte - SSSA

Giovanni Dosi - SSSA

Alessandro Nuvolari - SSSA


Andrea Roventini - SSSA


The event will be streamed on here on the Webex Platform. 

Giuseppe Virgone
Michelangelo Quaglia