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Privacy: constraints or opportunities? Examples from New Technologies and Healthcare Data

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The LiderLab of the Dirpolis Institute and EMBEDS of the Sant'Anna School are glad to invite all members of our community to the workshop "Privacy: constraints or opportunities? Examples from new technologies and healthcare data" (Privacy: limite o opportunità? Gli esempi delle Nuove Tecnologie e dei Dati Sanitari) -- which will take place at 3:00pm on September 18, 2019, in the Aula Magna of the School (Sede Centrale). 

The event, coordinated by Giovanni Comande' (a faculty of DIRPOLIS, Sant'Anna), will start with a speech by Antonello Soro (the President of the Italian Data Protection Authority). This will be followed by a round-table moderated by Giovanni Comande' and Andrea Roventini (a faculty of the Institute of Economics, Sant'Anna), with the oparticipation of Sabina Nuti (the Rector of Sant'Anna and a faculty of the Institute of Management), Marta Colonna (the Data Protection Officer of the Italian Digital Transformation Team), Massimo Moggi (an affiliate of the Institute of Economics) and Dino Pedreschi (a faculty of Computer Science at the University of Pisa). The aim of the round-table is to debunk the notion that, in the era of "Big Data", privacy protections hinder the development of effective and innovative tools.

Participation is open and free. More detail on the program and the workshop can be found here and in the attached flyer.