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Five Institutes of the Sant'Anna School (DIRPOLIS, Biorobotics, TeCIP, Management, Economics) were involved in the establishment of EURA, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Regulation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

EURA (pronounced “jura”, the Latin word for rights) is the first hub for research on law and technology created in Europe. It addresses topics concerning the regulation of robotics and artificial intelligence (R&A) – in light of European and member states' law – taking into account social implications in domains as diverse as ethics, economics, innovation and business management, also known as ELSE (Ethical, Legal, Social, and Economic implications of R&A).

EURA will organize workshops, PhD courses, summer schools, prizes, innovation boot-camps, blogs, and online video-series. Publication of relevant policy papers and articles by EURA researchers is also expected.

More information can be found here.