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EMbeDS and LIDER-Lab for Predictive Justice

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The LIDER-Lab of the Sant'Anna School and EMbeDS launch a website dedicated to the Predictive Justice project.

The Predictive Justice project will contribute to the development of enabling technologies, innovative methods, new knowledge and practical tools to serve justice as a foundational value of any democratic society. 

The goals are multiple and transversal: from the attempt to "export" knowledge, techniques and solutions across disciplines (e.g. from omics to legal data mining), to the coupling of protocols and software to automate the pseudonymization of texts, or the creation of innovative tools for querying legal materials through their automatic annotation, to the construction of predictive tools based on data science and artificial intelligence, to the attempt to offer comprehensible explanations of how such tools work and adapt them to different needs and skills of the end users.

All these steps are obviously articulated in full consistency with the corresponding regulatory and ethical frameworks, in the belief that regulatory and ethical profiles in research are central and go beyond mere adherence to standards.

The new website (which is available at this link) will be presented by Giovanni Comandè during the 14th International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection.

Also, the LIDER-Lab and EMbeDS are seeking applications from candidates who can make outstanding contributions to the design, development and benchmarking of a Predictive Justice platform (the call can be found at this link).