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On June 28th from 09:30 to 13:30 the first year students of the PhD in Data Science will present their research ideas and progress so far. This is an important yearly event for the PhD program, and brings together many members of our community.

The students will delineate very interesting research directions -- tackling a variety of scientific and methodological questions. Their work will span diverse areas, exploring novel machine learning methods; causality, privacy, fairness and explainability of AI, and applications to networks, biology, news and sentiment analysis. Presentations times and titles are as follows:

09:30 Bellomo Lorenzo - Knowledge Extraction and Modelling via Knowledge Graphs with Applications to Biology and News Feed
09:50 Pugnana Andrea - Causality and fairness in AI-driven dynamical systems

10:10 Galli Filippo - Giustifications and open problems in Federated Learning and Differential Privacy
10:50 Spinnato Francesco - Explanation Methods for Sequential Data Models
11:10 Alvarez Jose Manuel - Counterfactual reasoning for fair ranking algorithms in screening processes
11:30 Andreani Mila - Forecasting dynamic quantiles via Random Forests and mixed-frequency data
12:10 Nardi Mirko - Decentralized and resource efficient machine learning methods at Edge of the Internet
12:30 Tacchi Jack - The sentiment of social ties in OSNs: The sentiment of ego network structures and its impact on patterns of information diffusion
12:50 State Laura - Logic-based Approaches to construct meaningful Explanations for Machine Learning Systems
13:10 Pansanella Valentina - Higher-order effects on opinion formation: networks, dynamics and biased agents

More details on the event can be found here