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CHALLENGE US: An initiative to help small and medium sized companies to manage their (big) data problems  

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The Challenge Us program provides opportunities to companies that would like to gain greater benefit from their data to enter the world of Big Data and exploit its potential. It is designed to build bridges between industry and academia, offering free support from SoBigData++ scientists to design solutions and produce proof of concepts -- utilizing methodologies and software tools available on the SoBigData++ analysis platform.

How to participate? To participate, just fill the form that you will find in this webpage and send it to, from March 15 to April 30 2021. For inquiries, contact Nicola Del Sarto using the address

Who will be selected? Projects will be selected by the scientific committee of SoBigData++ who will evaluate the proposals from the point of view of both scientific interest and feasibility.

How will company data be protected? The collaborative project will include the signing of a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to protect the information and data that companies will share with researchers. Results will remain the property of the company.

SoBigData++ is a distributed, Pan-​European, multi-​disciplinary research infrastructure for big social data analytics, whose aim is to use social mining and big data to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally-​interconnected society. It concentrates on tasks including:
➔ execution of complex social mining processes
➔ concrete tools to operationalize ethics with value-​sensitive design, incorporating values and norms for privacy protection, fairness, transparency and pluralism
➔ collaborations with industry to develop pilot projects and proofs-​of-concept to accelerate data-​driven innovation.
Currently, SoBigData++ consists of a consortium of 32 European research institutions, and over 6000 virtual access users.