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Anna Maria Murante has joined the Institute of Management of the Sant’Anna School and EMbeDS as a non-tenure track Assistant Professor (RTD A) of Management. Previously she has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Management of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Anna Maria is a member of the Management and Health Laboratory and carries on researches on service management (marketing) in the healthcare sector. In detail, her research foci include: (1) user experience with healthcare services; (2) healthcare service delivery processes for chronic disease management; and (3) health promotion interventions through social marketing approaches.

Anna Maria is an expert of survey design, applied quantitative methods, and the management of large database from administrative sources or patient surveys. She has obtained the abilitation at the Associate Professor level from the Italian National Ministry of Universities, a Ph.D. in Management from the Sant'Anna School, and a degree in Economics from the University of Bari.

What are Anna Maria's plans for this new chapter of her academic career, in connection with the objectives of EMbeDS?

"I will study theories and methods for analyzing the participation of service users to the co-production mechanisms (co-production, co-design, co-innovation, co-construction), increasing such participation."

"I will also identifying strategies to structure effective, systematic and continuous mechanisms for the collection of user feedback. Collecting data on user feedback will allow us to integrate the information on user experience with other information on service delivery, and support the systematic quality improvement actions within health organizations -- both at the managerial and professional level."