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Register for the EMbeDS 2019 Workshop – Nov 26-27, 2019







EMbeDS 2019 – Nov 26-27, 2019, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

Our world is characterized by globalization, financialization, deepening inequalities and mounting environmental issues. It is also characterized by a growing availability of massive, diverse datasets, and of increasingly sophisticated statistical and computational tools to gather and analyze them. EMbeDS overarching goal is to bring Economics and Management in the era of Data Science, leveraging data and tools to bridge the gaps that still exist between complex models, their empirical validation, and their use in policy.

The EMbeDS 2019 workshop will celebrate the first year of activity of the Department of Excellence with presentations by our new recruits, a variety of national and international scholars, and institutional and private sector stakeholders. Speakers will tackle a variety of topics including climate change and its impacts; sustainability; health care; methodological advances in modeling, computation and statistics; and legal and societal issues linked to the use of massive data and AI. A detailed program of the event, which will be held in the Aula Magna of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, can be found here.

There is no fee for participating, but please register using the form below – so that we can keep an accurate count of participants and contact you with updates and additional information as needed.

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