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Workshop on R for Data Science applications

16.05.2018 10:30 to 18.05.2018 12:30

CoMoS will hold a 3-session workshop on R for Data Science applications using tidyverse. Sessions are planned for May 16, 17 and 18 from 10:30am to 12:00noon in Aula 3, Toscanelli. Topics covered will include:

  • Data input in R: importing data from messy files, reading common and exotic formats and directory structures; preserving metadata; webscraping.
  • Data wrangling in R: “tidying” strategies for fixing  common issues with data; text processing with regular expressions; reshaping(wide-long) tabular data; merging and appending data.
  • Visualization:  plot data with ggplot2; principles and recipes forvisualization.
  • Automation: using the pipe //%>%;  automate tasks with functionalprogramming with purrr.
  • Statistical modeling: automated approaches to estimation and modelselection.

Bring your laptops with R, and find slides and materials here.

Via S. Cecilia 3
56127 Pisa