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Lectures by László Györfi

25.06.2018 10:30 to 28.06.2018 17:00

László Györfi, from the Department of Computer Science and Information Theory (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, will hold a series of four lectures for the students of the PhD in Economics. The series, which is titled "Information theory and growth optimal portfolio selection", is open to all interested students and researchers. Lectures will be held at the following times and locations:

  • Mon June 25, 10:30am-12:30pm, Aula 8 Sede Centrale
  • Tue June 26, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Aula 1 Toscanelli
  • Wed June 27, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Aula 8 Sede Centrale
  • Thur June 28, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Aula 8 Sede Centrale
Sant'Anna School
Piazza Martiri della Liberta 33
Pisa PI